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August 24th: News added - Perfume Live DVD Release

July 18th: News added - "love the world" to be used as a CM

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June 22nd: News added - Perfume - love the world PV

Perfume Live DVD Release (Aug 24, 2008)
In response to overwhelming demand, a DVD of Perfume's first tour "GAME" has been announced.

The DVD is set for an October 15th release date at 3900 yen (the low price is a token of their appreciation for their fans). The DVD's title is as of yet undecided. Limited first pressing includes a special bonus.
"love the world" to be used as a CM (Jul 18, 2008)
It has been decided that Perfume's new single, "love the world" will be used in an upcoming commercial.

Japanese telecommunications company au has selected "love the world" (which is Perfume's first single to chart at #1 in the Oricon sales ranking, and the first techno song to ever reach #1 in this chart) to be used in an upcoming commercial. This commercial, set to air first on July 26th, will be for their W62SH phone.
Perfume - love the world PV (Jun 22, 2008)
Here is their new PV for love the world

Updated New Single Information (Jun 12, 2008)
Additional information about Perfume's forthcoming single release has been disclosed.

The title for the July 9th single release is "love the world". It is to be coupled with "edge", and both releases of the single will include an original instrumental version of "love the world" and an extended remix version of "edge". To put it more concisely: the world
2.edge the world -original instrumental-
4.edge -extended mix-

Limited First Edition

Normal Version

Collaboration with Pornograffiti (Jun 6, 2008)
Perfume is slated to appear in Pornograffiti's latest promotional video.

Pornograffiti's 24th single, "Itai Tachi Ichi" is scheduled to be released on June 25th. The song is about how differently men and women see the world through their own eyes.

Perfume has accepted Pornograffiti's invitation to appear in a promotional video for the song, in order to represent the female point of view on various subjects. Moreover, released as a special version only available in the video, Perfume will sing a portion of the song (this version of the song will not be on Pornograffiti's single release of "Itai Tachi Ichi").

Filmed in a location called "Cabaret no Hakoban", which was radically transformed to cast eccentric style, the video portrays a striking view of the world.

New Single Release (May 25, 2008)
The release date of Perfume's next single has been announced.

The name of the single has yet to be declared, but the release date is set for July 9th. There will be two formats for this release - a limited edition first-pressing, which includes a DVD, and the standard release.
GAME Debuts at #1 (May 21, 2008)
Perfume's second album

This is the first time an Oricon number one album release has been realized by a techno group since YMO (Yellow Magic Orchestra) twenty-five years ago, and the second time in history this has occurred. The first week's sales for GAME reached 154,304.

In the weeks proceeding, the album maintained strong sales, holding on to the number three position for three weeks. Total album sales to date have reached 287,873.
Live at Budokan (May 20, 2008)
Perfume Concert at Budokan Announced

Two dates have been scheduled for Perfume at Nippon Budokan, on November 6th and 7th. The venue holds an audience of 14,201, and the name is synonymous with major western rock performances in Japan, with appearances from Judas Priest to The Beatles.

Perfume, in their seven year history, has primarily played at venues holding 300-500 people. With the release of their new album, they have recently started playing to crowds above 2500 people. Two successive nights at Budokan is an entirely new level for them. This marks another major event in Perfume's rise to success, and the members are excited for this opportunity.
Site Launch (May 19, 2008) is Launched

This web site will slowly amass information about the recently-popularized electronica music group Perfume.

This site is going to be dedicated primarily to literature translations, news and various media types related to Perfume. A little bit will be added at a time, as new material comes up and time is available to translate it. Additional site features will also appear in the near future.