Collaboration with Pornograffiti (Jun 6, 2008)
Perfume is slated to appear in Pornograffiti's latest promotional video.

Pornograffiti's 24th single, "Itai Tachi Ichi" is scheduled to be released on June 25th. The song is about how differently men and women see the world through their own eyes.

Perfume has accepted Pornograffiti's invitation to appear in a promotional video for the song, in order to represent the female point of view on various subjects. Moreover, released as a special version only available in the video, Perfume will sing a portion of the song (this version of the song will not be on Pornograffiti's single release of "Itai Tachi Ichi").

Filmed in a location called "Cabaret no Hakoban", which was radically transformed to cast eccentric style, the video portrays a striking view of the world.

queuebert (URL) - 06-Jun-2008 8:27pm
I totally dig how different groups with long-standing histories are starting to nod their respect towards Perfume. Not only this, but there was a GREAT collaboration performance with Mihimaru GT and Perfume for a recomposition of "Lucky in Love".