30 Questions for Nocchi (Jul 1, 2008)
Nocchi answers thirty questions asked to the members of Perfume.

Perviously, twenty questions were asked of the members of Perfume in 2003, around the launch of their official website. To commemorate this, the members have answered these questions again, and ten new questions were added. Original answers are also included for comparison. (source: GAME Tour Book)

1. Do you read a lot of books? Please share a recommendation with us.

“Real Onigokko” (real (game of) tag) is at the top of my book recommendations.

(Previous answer) I read a lot! But maybe I read manga more than books? For manga, I recommend “Akuma Desourou” (I am a demon), and for books, “Darren Shan”.

2. What is your favourite sport? To watch, and do participate in?

Soccer is my favourite to watch! And for playing… badminton? But I’m no good at it.
(Previous answer) My specialty is in watching sports! But if I actually can be bothered to put for the effort, I can get by in any sport. (^_^)v

3. What drama, anime, or movie that you’ve seen has been the most moving?

“One Piece!”
(Previous answer) The movie, “Deep Impact”; it made me cry out loud.

4. No reservations! What is your weak point?

If I am tickled, I will probably die on the spot.
(Previous answer) Being complimented, and being tickled.

5. What is something you can be proud of about yourself?

I don’t get all worked up over nothing.!
(Previous answer) Proud of being myself… is the type of person I’d like to become!

6. Is there someone, something, or some animal that people often say you resemble?

Goldfish! “Fishface,” did you say, A~Chan? :-)
(Previous answer) Dogs, dachshund, Pal (my dog)

7. What is the one food that you hate so much that you’d rather starve to death than eat?
I don’t think there is one. If that was the only food left to eat, I think I’d probably eat it even if I don't like it.
(Previous answer) Red rice. Bleh!

8. What is the one food that you love so much that you’d be content or even happy to eat only that for the rest of your life?

Curry rice!
(Previous answer) Egg and cheese curry, and ice cream!

9. While we’re on the topic, what’s your favourite beverage?

Roasted green tea and milk tea.
(Previous answer) I love water.

10. Who, or what kind of person, do you admire and respect?

I’ve been meeting a lot of different people lately, and I’m full of respect for them. Everybody.
(Previous answer) Everybody who puts forth their best effort in this world.

11. If you had a time machine, what time would you want to go and visit?

About two years from now. Wow, I wonder what we’ll be doing then! :-)
(Previous answer) In the future, when my own children are twenty years old.

12. Do you have a prized possession?

My family, my friends, A~Chan, Kashiyuka, our staff, and all of our fans. I really mean that.
(Previous answer) My family.

13. Tell us how you enjoy spending a day off.

(Previous answer) Spending the whole day in Harajuku.

14. How do you calm down when you are stressed?

(Previous answer) Going to a pet shop and playing with the dogs.

15. Where do you go to unwind?

I slip into the futon.
(Previous answer) My home in Hiroshima.

16. What makes you think, “Wow, I’ve really become an adult?”

Being shocked at school uniforms, both boys’ and girls’. Especially girls’ skirts. Aren’t they cold?!
(Previous answer) When I go on a flight.

17. What have been the three best things in your life so far?

1. Being able to continue living, because I still have high aspirations! 2. Being born. 3. Going to sleep!
(Previous answer) That’s my secret! ★

18. Are there any artists that you’ve started liking or been influenced by recently?

I’ve always liked Rip Slyme and Tokyo Jihen. Oh! And I’ve noticed I’ve really been getting into Asian Kung-Fu Generation lately! I have all of their albums that I know of!
(Previous answer) Rip Slyme, Speed.

19. In one word, describe your personality.

(Previous answer) Slacker

20. Describe the other two members of Perfume in your own words.

Both A~Chan and Kashiyuka are like shining beacons of light. Perhaps even stars. :-)
(Previous answer) Kashiyuka – Dependable. A~Chan – Easy to be friends with.

21. What is your favourite four-character idiom*?

百発百中 (hyappatsu hyakuchuu) (Batting a thousand, bull’s eye, on the mark)
* Four-character idioms are a combination of four kanji that usually (or maybe always) are read with their Chinese readings. They are roughly equivalent to a “proverb” in English. These are plentiful in the Japanese language.

22. Do you have a jinx?

It’s bad luck to step on a manhole!

23. What is something that you like when a guy does?

I like it when a guy blows a kiss at me. I also like guys who look like they play soccer.

24. What kind of woman do you think is admirable?

Someone who is cool, but also happens to be cute or sexy.

25. What is a destination that you would like to visit overseas?

Australia. I want to see the Great Barrier Reef!!!!

26. What is something that you would be troubled over if you lost?

My contact lenses.

27. What do you think of when I say, “Shiny!”?

Eyes! If you let your eyes shine you can see things from a new perspective.

28. Describe yourself by filling in the blank: ___ girl.

Well-suited girl <3

29. What is a game that you’ve gotten into recently?

“Tales of the Abyss”. I highly recommend it! I also have been enjoying hanafuda* as of late.
*Japanese deck of cards for playing various games.

30. If you were to watch a Perfume show from the audience seating, what section would you want to sit in?

I’d want to hop right into the thick of the excitement with everyone and dance like crazy!