Today we had our first meetup. We met at a co-working space in Kayabacho. It’s a handy place for this kind of meetup; you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a venue and it was accommodating. In attendance were Albert, Curt, Justin, Sean, and Sven.

We are not looking to be platform-specific, but this time we had all Commodore machines. Sven brought his MAX Machine and Commodore 64 with Reloaded board, and Sean brought his Japanese Commodore 64 and Plus/4. We were given two 40″ large-screen TVs to use, but most of the time we were fixated on Curt’s 9″ CRT monitor. We used it for playing Radar Rat Race and Pet’s Rescue. I hope we didn’t drive the other patrons crazy with the Radar Rat Race music.

In addition to playing games, we tested some equipment, took apart Sven’s Commodore 64C because, and Curt gave a presentation on using a development environment as well as a brief demonstration of doing machine language programming on the 6502 CPU.

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    1. Yes, Sven made it. If I recall correctly, the buttons and stick were from a PS controller, and he bought the base box from a kind of upscale DIY-type shop. He also added an auto-fire mechanism.

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