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    We have moved this website to a new location. Please check out for all the recent meetup updates. このホームページが移動しました。最新の集会のギャラリーをhachibitto.comでご確認ください。

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    If you want to join in the fun activities, we welcome friendly new faces to our laid-back environment. Our next meeting is scheduled for January 20th. Please check for details on our schedule page. ご興味のある方はお気軽くご連絡ください。次のミートアップは1月20日予定です。最新の情報をスケジュールページで詳しくご確認ください。

  • Meetup #49 – 2023-12-23

    Meetup #49 – 2023-12-23

    Another 8-bit meetup in the books. Sean was busy with his nose in his projects today, so not a lot of photos, and those that were taken were courtesy of Sven. We can see Sean with his MZ-1500, doing a bunch of QuickDisk dumping with newish member Hide. Saburo and Joseph continued their efforts of…

  • Meetup #48 – 2023-11-25

    Meetup #48 – 2023-11-25

    Our 48th meetup saw a few machines that had not been brought in before. For example, Sean brought in his NEC PC-98DO, a machine that has PC-9801 and PC-8801 compatibility. The purpose was to get some games installed on the hard drive emulator, but we were ultimately only able to get one to play properly.…

  • Meetup #47 – 2023-10-21

    Meetup #47 – 2023-10-21

    Getting pretty close to meetup #50! For this particular meetup, Sean brought in two computers for repair: the Casio MX-10 and the NEC PC-6601. After examination by Edoardo, the MX-10 had to be taken to his lab for further care. The PC-6601, on the other hand, was pronounced “fine”. This allowed for people to play…

  • Meetup #46 – 2023-09-30

    Meetup #46 – 2023-09-30

    Meetup #46 is in the books. Sean started out by expanding his collection of scanned and copied materials. First was scanning the JR-100 user manual followed by five VIC! magazines. Later, after Hide showed up, a variety of QuickDisks were copied and played. Sven brought in another super compact computer made by Digital Logic. He…

  • Meetup #45 – 2023-08-26

    Meetup #45 – 2023-08-26

    We had another 8-bit blast at our 45th meetup. Sean arrived carrying his first-gen Pasopia with him, although it would turn out to be in vain as he was too busy scanning books to introduce it to anyone. But at least it was productive! Joseph brought along an 8″ floppy drive with a couple of…

  • Meetup #44 – 2023-07-29

    Meetup #44 – 2023-07-29

    Quarters were a bit tight this time around as we had to make due with being cramped up in a smaller space than usual, but that didn’t really hamper our efforts much. Sean brought in his Tomy Pyuta and a handful of games, but made the grave error of forgetting the controllers, which are absolutely…

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