We convened for another retro rendezvous in Kayabacho. Sean arrived first (surprise!) with his SMC-777C. This was his third time bringing this machine, but this time he also brought his recently-procured disk stash, mostly copies included in a system he recently acquired. The stash included compilations totaling around 20 games, as well as CP/M, system utilities, and a word processor program. The games in the boxes were MZ-2500 games for Saburo to copy.

Curt brought in his recent 8-bit purchase, an untested Pasopia , complete with ready-to-explode capacitor that he successfully removed from the PSU. It was definitely in need of a wipe-down, but the motherboard was quite clean and it booted up to a working prompt. Yay!

Michelle seems to keep trying to outdo herself in terms of raw weight, this time bringing in an IBM PC XT and complementary monochrome monitor. It displayed the likes of Monkey Island and Windows 3.1. At the time of this writing, it is not confirmed whether this combination is heavier than the PC-8801 and 14″ color monitor from the last meetup, but whereas that one was a local transaction, she brought the XT all the way from the US!

And Tom brought in a light gun and several light gun games to test on the PVM. Nobody in the room can really shoot besides Michelle, but it at least seemed to work!

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