Month: September 2019

  • Meetup #1 – 2019-09-28

    Meetup #1 – 2019-09-28

    Today we had our first meetup. We met at a co-working space in Kayabacho. It’s a handy place for this kind of meetup; you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a venue and it was accommodating. In attendance were Albert, Curt, Justin, Sean, and Sven. We are not looking to be platform-specific,…

  • Join the Next Meet-up・打合せの参加

    If you want to join in the fun activities, we welcome friendly new faces to our laid-back environment. Our next meeting is scheduled for January 20th. Please check for details on our schedule page. ご興味のある方はお気軽くご連絡ください。次のミートアップは1月20日予定です。最新の情報をスケジュールページで詳しくご確認ください。