Meetup #2 – 2019-11-01

We’ve had our second group meeting now. We met in the same location in Kayabacho, and it was attended by nine people: Christian, Curt, Hiroaki, Hiroki, Justin, Matt (who doesn’t live in Japan, but nobody’s perfect), Sean, Sven, and Yohsuke.

This time we played with Sean’s MZ-700, including games like Yellow Balloon, Ottotto, and Pac-Man. Sean was pretty happy because he finally made it to level 3 of Yellow Balloon but Hiroki made it to level 6 on his second attempt. Curt claims not to like the sound of Pac-Man on this system, but actually the problem was that the volume was just too low.

Christian’s MAX Machine was modded for composite output, and we did a VIC-II chip replacement to get Curt’s Commodore 64 up and running. Sean’s 72-pin SIMMs were modded in two different ways to try to get them to work with his FM Towns, but as of now, they still can’t be used. Curt and Justin worked on a digital RGB -> analog RGB converter and made substantial progress (green, red, and sync all worked!), but it didn’t quite get finished. Maybe next time!







2 responses to “Meetup #2 – 2019-11-01”

  1. Chris Turczynskyj Avatar

    Looks like fun. What is in that Gameboy? I see some rechargable lithium cells and a breadboard but can’t really tell what it’s for.

    1. admin Avatar

      That’s Hiroaki’s device. Inside the Gameboy case is a Raspberry Pi, running the default OS. The USB port is on the side, allowing you to plug into it.

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