Our third meet-up has come and gone, and it was another good one. Sean arrived first and had a chance to set up shop with his gadgets – a Commodore 116 and a Sinclair Spectrum+ (a gift from would-be attendee Stephen if only he didn’t live in the UK). Hiroki joined shortly after and brought along another present for Sean (why is he so lucky?) – a Sharp Zaurus mobile device, as well as his home-made MSX emulator, a Raspberry Pi with ROMs with a surprisingly convincing cardboard shell!

Justin, Curt, and Sven all showed up soon thereafter. Curt brought along his NEC PC-6001 and (thankfully!) PVM, while Sven brought his Commodore 64C with Reloaded board, 1541 Ultimate-II, and his ready-to-roll, FastLoad-integrated, cart-based SD2IEC device. We played some games like Tennis and Queen Othello on the PC-6001 and Jetman on the Commodore 116. Curt, Sven and Justin spent some time becoming intimately familiar with the Spectrum+’s keyboard.

Then we were joined by first-time attendee Jim, who was a member of the Atari ST development team back in the day. He brought his own collection of goodies, including an honest-to-God STacy2 (!), as well as other Atari gadgets. Shortly upon his arrival, we were also joined by Hiroaki, Yohsuke, and another first-time member Satoshi, who is the developer of the Pasocon Mini (!). Yohsuke brought his Sony HitBit MSX machine with multi-ROM loading cartridge.

Hiroaki and Yohsuke went about making an adapter to connect a USB keyboard to a PC-8801-series computer. Sean went to work on not fixing his tape recorder and getting his hands messy with melted, liquified rubber. And we ended the day with some Jack Attack on the Commodore 116, and a few games on the Sony HitBit.

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4 thoughts on “Meetup #3 – 2019-12-07”
  1. Glad to see my (sorry, Sean’s) Spectrum getting some attention! Let’s see some games on it next time, Sean! And I’ll try to get there when I can!

    1. That’s right, it’s mine! (thank you!) Next time I am bringing the VIC-20 with Penultimate+ cartridge. The following time I will bring the Spectrum again and it will have a joystick controller and many games!

      Although we actually used the Spectrum quite a bit, we somehow all managed to not take a photo of it in action!

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