Meetup #8 – 2020-09-05

We had our eighth meetup, a meetup filled with repairs and drama. Sean and Edoardo arrived at about the same time. Sean brought with him his Sega SC-3000 for play, his PC-6001mkII for a possible sale, and *two* PC-8201s, one for repair and the other for comparison. Edoardo brought his extensive repair equipment like some sort of traveling workshop.

Shortly after Michelle and Sven arrived, Michelle with her PC Engine for repair and MSX Sanyo Wavy, and Sven with his 21st-century keyboard that had developed a problem. Edoardo spent minutes expertly and promptly diagnosing and rectifying Sven’s keyboard. Michelle’s PC Engine and Sean’s PC-8201 received a good fixing, as well.

But suddenly Sean’s PC-6001mkII decided to act out. It refused to load tape images from anyone’s smartphone using any cable. A couple of hours were spent poking around at it to no end. As an aside, Sean took it back home, where it loaded tape images without issue, but then promptly died. Michelle set up her OSSC for use with the SC-3000, etc. Very impressive piece of machinery.

Justin and Curt showed up a bit later, and intense diagnostics began on the Wavy. Intense video gaming took place, as well. SC-3000 provided access to Zaxxon, Sinbad Mystery, and Sokoban, while the MSX machines played Lode Runner and Ilevan.







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