Although a few of our regulars were not in attendance, we still managed a group of six happy campers at our most recent meet-up. Sean brought his FM-8 in for another visit. It’s had an upgrade performed since the last time it was there – a bubble memory cartridge was added.

Tom brought in his top-of-the-line MSX machine, the Panasonic AS-ST for some fun and games.

Michelle brought in her Apple IIe for BBS-connected activities such as impossible-to-win trivia!

Greg had his PC-FX in tow, a handsome but ill-fated console.

And there were various projects going on, including Justin, Curt, and Sean trying to connect the FM-8 via serial port, reading and uploading data from the bubble memory cartridge, and trying to make wav files for JR-200 games.

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2 thoughts on “Meetup #24 – 2022-01-22”
    1. Hello, sorry for the late reply. Our next meetup is going to be March 26th. Let me know if you’re in the area and interested in attending!

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