Meetup #37 – 2023-01-21

Our 37th meetup had some unique treasures, for example, Curt brought his Z88 – a portable computer with 80-column display and a menu-driven OS interface. And Saburo brought in his Teradrive for an intense team troubleshooting effort with Edoardo.

Michelle brought in not one but two PC-9801 (or compatible) machines AND a 14″ CRT monitor because she’s a madwoman (CRT not pictured, but definitely there).

Orion80 brought in a PC-8001 mini and a laptop for emulation to play a variety of games including Black Onyx and Final Zone.

And Sean traveled in late and ultra-light, with a mere boxed copy of T-DOS for Curt and a QuickDisk containing the MZ-1500 game Real Gunman for Saburo.







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  1. Mathias Tenenbaum Avatar
    Mathias Tenenbaum

    I would have loved to be here!
    Would have brought tons of stuff : )
    (Cousin Hubert)

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