Meetup #43 – 2023-07-01

Summer was in full force but we don’t let a little heat get in the way of our passion for technologies obsolete. Sean arrived with his X1 D with games for dumping and testing, and about a kilogram’s worth of paper for scanning.

Ondrej brought in his fragile but still-working Toshiba Libretto running DOS and Windows 3.1. How about that for a blast from the past?

Michelle brought not one but two MSX2 machines, each with their own completely different aesthetic:

Andy brought in a gigantic dual-floppy drive unit for a Commodore PET machine for repair:

In addition to a murder of games, Tom also brought in an MSX machine, so we now total three at this meetup:

Sven was back at it with his ever-growing, custom-made Z-80-based computer, but made some time for video games, too:

Once Curt came in with his book scanner, Sean got to work on scanning flyers. And Curt also brought a fourth(!) MSX machine:







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