Getting pretty close to meetup #50! For this particular meetup, Sean brought in two computers for repair: the Casio MX-10 and the NEC PC-6601. After examination by Edoardo, the MX-10 had to be taken to his lab for further care. The PC-6601, on the other hand, was pronounced “fine”. This allowed for people to play some games on the system.

Michelle had her PC-9801BX with her, as well as a metric crapton of games for playing and some blank floppy disks for writing out images.

Tom brought in his MSX2+ machine with some games, including a fun Halloween-themed game to match the season.

Sven struggled to figure out why his scan combiner would work on the PVM at the meetup space, but not on his home PVM.

And Greg brought in his Amiga CD-32 for play time, and a handful of MSX cartridges for testing Sean’s computer.

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