Month: January 2024

  • Meetup #49 – 2023-12-23

    Meetup #49 – 2023-12-23

    Another 8-bit meetup in the books. Sean was busy with his nose in his projects today, so not a lot of photos, and those that were taken were courtesy of Sven. We can see Sean with his MZ-1500, doing a bunch of QuickDisk dumping with newish member Hide. Saburo and Joseph continued their efforts of…

  • Meetup #48 – 2023-11-25

    Meetup #48 – 2023-11-25

    Our 48th meetup saw a few machines that had not been brought in before. For example, Sean brought in his NEC PC-98DO, a machine that has PC-9801 and PC-8801 compatibility. The purpose was to get some games installed on the hard drive emulator, but we were ultimately only able to get one to play properly.…