Meetup #48 – 2023-11-25

Our 48th meetup saw a few machines that had not been brought in before. For example, Sean brought in his NEC PC-98DO, a machine that has PC-9801 and PC-8801 compatibility. The purpose was to get some games installed on the hard drive emulator, but we were ultimately only able to get one to play properly.

Michelle was the bringer of the PC-9801 games, and boy did she ever bring the games. A precariously perched pile of PC-9801 playable games. All that in addition to her PC-9801 machine and dedicated monitor.

Tom brought in one of his MSX machines, this time the A1-WX, along with an eclectic selection of games to introduce to the group.

Joseph brought in a PC-8801MC in a most unconventional case, working with Saburo to detail specifics of connecting it to an HxC floppy drive emulator.

Sven enlisted some help from David with furthering progress on his ever-evolving Z-80 computer. This time they were trying to nail down a video sync issue that only appeared on some monitors.

Colin appeared for about ten minutes, then started to feel unwell due to the previous night’s antics and started to leave, but got engrossed in a conversation with Greg for about an hour just as he was about to step out the door. Greg, for his part, had brought in his MSX Turbo R with pro-gamer joystick.

And Saburo found just enough time to work on his Casio PV-1000 console, modifying it to output composite video and audio instead of RF. It was a success after an initial mishap with audio, chalked up to a game of “which way is this pinout oriented?”







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