Realm of Impossibility

I enjoy the box art for these classic games, so I started collecting them for a while. I was super excited to receive them, but after a short time, they just get shelved and never looked at again. I use a 1541 Ultimate to play software, so I never use the disks, either. I had hoped to display them around the room, but I don’t really have a place for that.

So, although it is a bit difficult, I’ve decided to start selling them. One thing I do to make parting with them a bit easier is taking these photos and having one last go on the real software before reverting back to disk images.

The first game I have decided to part with is Realm of Impossibility. I especially love these folder-type boxes from companies like Electronic Arts and Mindscape. Great artwork on the front and spread.

I never got particularly good at this game, but I have a fondness for it. You can read the instructions or choose a dungeon from the opening menu.

It’s a 3D isometric game where you explore dungeon mazes and avoid enemies. You don’t have any weapons, but you can also find single-use spells to eliminate your enemies or other effects to make the game a bit easier.

I found the right key for this dungeon so I was able to unlock it.

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