Doom on the VIC-20!

This is not recent news, but I still find it pretty impressive – it’s Doom on the Commodore VIC-20. It won’t work on a standard VIC-20, you need a RAM expansion of, I believe, at least 16KB, and it apparently does better with up to 35KB. It looks exactly as you’d expect, very pixelated, but it is undeniably Doom!

Tremendously limited in resolution and using a seemingly 4-color palette, It doesn’t look all that beautiful. But the gameplay is more more or less fine, certainly better than I’d initially imagined. And despite the fairly crude VIC-20 sound capabilities, it manages to capture some of the essence of the original experience.

It contains the complete shareware map to play through. It seems the photos I took only went through the first map, but shortly after this I played all the way through to the end of the shareware version, something I’d never even done on the PC version of the game!