Doom on the VIC-20!

This is not recent news, but I still find it pretty impressive – it’s Doom on the Commodore VIC-20. It won’t work on a standard VIC-20, you need a RAM expansion of, I believe, at least 16KB, and it apparently does better with up to 35KB. It looks exactly as you’d expect, very pixelated, but it is undeniably Doom!

Tremendously limited in resolution and using a seemingly 4-color palette, It doesn’t look all that beautiful. But the gameplay is more more or less fine, certainly better than I’d initially imagined. And despite the fairly crude VIC-20 sound capabilities, it manages to capture some of the essence of the original experience.

It contains the complete shareware map to play through. It seems the photos I took only went through the first map, but shortly after this I played all the way through to the end of the shareware version, something I’d never even done on the PC version of the game!

Tenebra Macabre

Here’s a quick look at a relatively new game – Tenebra Macabre.

In this dark world, you have to contend with not only the standard enemies, but even spiky floors! At the beginning you can only see your immediate surroundings, but every once in a while, lightning flashes and you can get a glimpse of your surroundings. Make your plan and proceed with caution!

There’s also a candle in each room. Make your way and light it, and then you’ll be able to see in that room.

As the name implies, the environment and accompanying music is a little on the creepy side. Makes for a fun, eerie time!

So not only is this game free, but it’s available for the gamut of Commodore 8-bit machines (except MAX Machine, never gets any love!). Pick your flavor – C64, Plus/4, C16, C116, or VIC-20.
C64 –
Plus/4・ C16・C116 –
VIC-20 –

Penultimate Cartridge for the VIC-20


PENULTIMATE CARTRIDGE(ペンカートに以下省略します)になります。ペンカートとはVIC-20の有名なゲームを40個内蔵した使いやすいメモリー拡大カセットになります。いつものVIC-20のカセットの形していてカセット端子にさしたらすぐ利用できます。VIC-20の本体の電源を入れるとこのメニューが現れます。



ゲームだけではなくほかの機能もあります。例えば、VIC-20のBASIC 2.0からBASIC 4.0に変更できます。スーパーエキスパンダーも内蔵しています。

BASIC 4.0を起動して27KBを足したまま