Yahoo Auctions

I have been listing some Commodore items on Yahoo Auctions since June 2017.

I decided to do this because I wanted a Commodore 128, but when I searched Yahoo Auctions, there was only one, it had a busted key, and the guy wanted about $1000 for it (it did come with a 1571, but still…). I reasoned that I could buy a Commodore 128 from the US and have it sent here for about 20% of that price. And I thought there may be some collectors out here that would appreciate a little competition in the market.

Reality is, not nearly as many people are interested in Commodore out here as I thought. But it’s been a good experience so far listing and being able to speak to local collectors.

If you’re in Japan and have a request for something, you can contact me directly.

My current listings.


I mentioned that my room is very small compared to the places I’d lived in the US. As you can see from the picture, I have two desks, one for retro stuff and one for my main PC. To switch from one to the other, I turn the chair around and roll forward about one and a half steps. Kinda convenient but everything is so tight! And my bed basically brushes up against the chair most of the time.

Besides the desks and computers, there’s also a small set of drawers next to my main PC, which holds stuff that I plan to auction, and a rack next to that which holds my projector and my Plus/4 box. Behind the Commodore desk, you can’t see, but there’s a narrow book rack that I use to hold my joysticks and cartridges. And the rack on the Commodore desk is so cheap and flimsy, and tangled up in the monitor stand, that it’s a real hassle to switch out computers and use one of the others.

In other words, just no space!

But that’s all about to change! I am moving. Still within Japan, and actually still within the same city, but my wife and I have decided to buy a house. It has about 40% more space than my current apartment, and I will have about half of one room dedicated to the computer collection! I’ll probably end up getting one or two additional computers, but mostly I am going to take the opportunity to spread out a bit and enjoy some space!