More MAX Machine games

There was a pretty big batch of MAX Machine games going down on Yahoo Auctions.

Four boxes were completely new to me, and some boxes replaced older boxes that weren’t as nice looking.  I resold the leftovers on Yahoo Auctions

This is the collection as it stands now:

I’m still looking for Bowling, Billiards, Gorf, Slalom, and MAX BASIC to complete the collection.

5 thoughts on “More MAX Machine games”

    1. Glad to hear back from people who buy my stuff! As long as it works! Some of the MAX Machine cartridges have really unique artwork, so I hope the game and box bring you some good entertainment.

  1. I would love to buy something that you are selling on yahoo (any chance of selling a c64???).

    Im currently going thru the hassle of buying one in England via ebay and getting it sent here. Found two on rakuten (23,000 yen just the computer and 53,000 yen with a lot of stuff) plus a max machine (53,000 yen).

  2. As I mentioned on another thread, the C64s I have are not functional right now, need to get them repaired and that will take a little time. 53,000 yen for a MAX Machine may not be so bad if it comes with a box and some games, but definitely they go cheaper on Yahoo if it doesn’t come with very much.

    1. Sorry, I couldn’t find your comment on another thread (my apologies). Yes, the max does come with some games but the 23,000 yen c64 doesnt come with anything (no rf lead, no power PSU)

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