New MAX Machine cartridge

Did I say that I wasn’t going to buy the MAX Machine games? Just be happy with the MultiMAX and skip the hunt. But, well the box art is so unique, and I guess I love the hunt. So this makes my fifth MAX Machine boxed game. I had been monitoring this auction on Yahoo Auctions for about a year – a new old stock Wizard of Wor for 9800 yen (about $98USD). Too much, too much, I thought.

And it really is. But one day someone shared a link about the far more common Commodore 64 version being listed on eBay, used and without box or manual, for $100. So suddenly the MAX Machine auction in question seemed like a much better deal. And even if I find another comparable version that starts at a lower price someday, it could take years and only end up slightly cheaper than this one. So I took the plunge.

The real kicker*? The same seller has listed a new old stock Kickman for MAX Machine for 14,800 yen!
(*see what I did there?)


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