This is the monitor I use almost exclusively with my Japanese vintage computers. This is one serious CRT. I love my 1084S but this is just on a different level when it comes to functionality and connectivity.

The PC-TV455 is a tremendously flexible monitor. It can sync at 15kHz, 24kHz, and 31kHz, allowing perhaps any Japanese or western vintage computer to output to it. And just look at this array of connections:

Holy cow. From top left, we have VHF antenna, digital RGB, analog RGB 15-pin/analog RGB 9-pin (shared), UHF antenna, RGB21 (sometimes referred to as Japanese SCART), PC control on/off switch, composite 1/S-video (shared), composite 2, and composite out.

And look at all these knobs and switches to futz around with under the control panel cover.

But it’s not just functional, the image quality is superb! Here is what it’s currently displaying, by connection:
Digital RGB: NEC PC-8801MK2 (24kHz) – Nintendo Golf
Analog RGB: Sharp X1 Turbo Z – (24kHz) – Gradius
RGB21: FM77AV20EX (15kHz) – F-BASIC 3.0

This is a highly-sought after monitor and as such it commands a pretty high price on Yahoo Auctions. I had a kind of tattered and beat-up version of this monitor before, it worked but the picture was a touch slanted and it didn’t have a base to stand on. I got it for a (relatively) low price and used it for about a year before finding this one. I hope to sell the old one in order to cover 60-70% of the cost of the new one. *fingers crossed*