Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

The PC-6001 by NEC was one model I decided I never needed. I had bought the NEC PC-6601SR before, which was supposed to be a far more sophisticated version of the PC-6001, and wasn’t very thrilled with it. So I wasn’t paying an ounce of attention to the 6001. But one showed up in my search for FM-77 auctions, because there was a bulk lot auction of a PC-6001 system and software with three bonus FM-77 games.

I won the auction and had the intention of testing the PC-6001 and software to sell it and hopefully make most of my money back, and then just keep the FM-77 games. But in a weird twist of fate, I didn’t find the FM-77 games to be very interesting, but quite enjoy the simplicity and primitive nature of the PC-6001. So in a total reversal of plans, I have sold the FM-77 games and kept the PC-6001 and software!

It came to me fairly filthy, but in my experience, the greater the grime, the better protected the machine is from more complex forms of unsightliness. Indeed, it cleaned up fantastically.

I found it to be quite an attractive system, actually.

As is often the case, it was untested, but fortunately it works perfectly. I still haven’t secured a working tape drive, though, so I can only test the two cartridges – Tennis and Othello. But sooner or later I’ll be able to test out this treasure trove of software and play around on the machine more thoroughly.

By Sean

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