Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

I’d previously posted about this game for my Sharp X1. This is the PC-6001 version. Gameplay is the same, so it was mostly about seeing how the two ports compare. Considering how much more limited the PC-6001 is, I feel they did a great job in creating this version!

By Sean

2 thoughts on “Eggy”
  1. EGGY’s definitely one of the most impressive games on PC-6001, matching Zaxus on PC-8001 in terms of audiovisuals and design complexity. I imagine it must look even better in motion with composite video color blending than I can get on my emulator!

  2. Hey, thanks for all the nice comments! Yeah, I got the sense that this is a diamond in the rough for the PC-6001. PC-6001mk2 has a lot of nice-looking stuff by comparison, but I really enjoy using the original because it feels so much more distinct from all of my other computers than the mk2 does.

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