Balloon Fight

Back when I was a kid with an NES, I would see this game on the store shelves and I was really curious about it, but I never got around to buying or playing it. I more or less forgot about it as I became more of a PC gamer over the following years, so it came as a total surprise when I discovered that it was included among the games I received in my batch of floppy disks over the weekend. I guess Nintendo and Sharp really used to be pretty tight.

Tokyo Nampa Street

On Sunday, I received a small lot of copied disks to use for my Sharp X1. It was a pretty good cross-section of stuff. It includes everything from arcade classics like Mappy and Galaga to typed-in BASIC games in a variety of states of disarray, although I finally found one or two that actually worked. I also discovered a pretty unique shooter game I want to talk about, but that will wait for another day.

What I am going to introduce today is “Tokyo Nanpa Street.” It’s basically an early dating simulator. At the beginning you get asked about twenty tedious questions ranging from age and body measurements to personality and interests to home and job. It seems pre-loaded with questions depending on what choices you make, too, because for example if I said she lives in a dorm, it asks how the headmaster feels about her going to a boyfriend’s home. I’ve only explored one set of options so far.

My date went like so:
Go to disco at 8:28. (at this point I have 60 yen (about 55 cents) left – not a good sign)
Complement her voice.
Complement her hair.
Try to kiss her.
She leaves at 8:30.
Game over.

At the end of the game, it also gives me a phone number, which I can enter earlier in the game. I haven’t tested it yet, but perhaps it allows me to skip the questions if I want to try the same circumstances again.