Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

If it seems I’m on a Pasopia7 kick recently, you’re right! It’s one of my recent favorites. I asked one of my friends who has a large collection, including many Pasopia7 games, if he had the manuals, and somewhat surprisingly to me, he didn’t. And then a few days later, this showed up on Mercari:

This is a machine you can sometimes acquire at a fairly reasonable price, but anything besides the machine itself is at a premium, so I really lucked into this fair price for a complete lot! There is a lot going on here. First, the box is in quite good shape for its age, and the blue and red keyboard perimeter covers and keyboard labels are unused.

The object of my hunt was the set of manuals, they number three: User’s Guide, Introduction to T-BASIC7, and Technical Manual. I don’t know if they are complete or not. They’re not in perfect condition but they’re pretty close. There doesn’t seem to be any handwriting and the pages are all even, just a bit of dirt on the covers is about all I could find.

There were also some bonus items I wasn’t particularly looking for, but am glad to have: an issue of Maikon magazine, T-BASIC7 Handbook, and Useful Programs for the Pasopia7.

Some light reading material for my copious amounts of free time!

By Sean

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