Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Ventured into an actual RPG this time.It’s called Euphory. Even before I played, I noticed some major differences to most games I’d played and introduced on the X1 before. This game was designed for the Turbo series and above, so it utilizes 640×400 resolution at 24kHz refresh rate, a big jump in hardware and disk capacity requirements. It also leverages the FM sound modulation instead of PSG, so it has more of a melodic sound than most previous games.

That said, the graphics look clean, but not incredibly impressive, and the music is really simple so while the hardware makes it sound distinct from the PSG experience, the end product isn’t that impressive.

But it seems like a pretty good game. Much more an RPG than Dragon Buster was, in this game you name your character, buy and sell weapons and character power-ups, manage an inventory, can explore the world freely instead of linearly, etc. Doesn’t have the traditional stats, though. The underlying story is you need to find a cure for your mother’s illness, although I assume it involves some far more sinister scenario once you get deep enough into the game.

There is a good variety of background imagery, it seems. It also allows you to explore underwater as well as on ground. One really unique feature is that you can play two players simultaneously – the brother and the sister – as you make your way through your quest.

By Sean

2 thoughts on “Euphory”
  1. Euphory’s one of a select few J-PC games from this period focusing on co-op play, and also one of System Sacom’s few releases for the X1. (They pioneered commercial games and gaming peripherals on the PC-98 around this time; check out Marchen Veil or anything by “Mark Flint”.) It’s pretty fun, though I need to properly delve into it.

  2. That’s my perpetual problem. I have too many games, thanks to wide distribution of large compilations of old software like this. I find cool stuff like this but something new comes along before I can properly get into anything. The game I’ve made the most serious progress on so far is the X68000 port of Akumajo/Castlevania.

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