Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

New game for me tonight. Never even heard of it before! It’s called Yokal Tantei Chimachima (perhaps we can translate it as Chimachima – The Tiny Apparition Investigator). The gameplay seems very unique to me, but possibly there is a similar game in the West?

First, the music is simple but nice and creepy. Really adds to the environment.

You have to kill monsters, nothing unexpected there, but if you attack directly, you’re gonna die. You actually control a little fireball and it explodes in four directions, if possible. If it can only go two or three directions, it has a longer explosion in the available directions. But if you think you just need to worry about the fireball, you’re gonna die. Your movement slows down, but you still move, so you have to track both. No enemies nearby? You’re gonna die, maybe. Enemies appear in fixed locations, but there are quite a few, so you have to be on the lookout. I think the houses shake a bit when something is getting ready to appear. Stay clear!

At first, I thought the game was fun but there was only one level. However, I noticed level three (not pictured) had a yellow flame in the middle of the maze (bonus points) and a large house at the border. And after level three, I got to a bonus level (pictured). And later I noticed, just once so far, on level two, a fire engine quickly scrolled past, outside of the playing field. I saw on YouTube there was a 33 minute long play of the game, so there may actually be a lot going on in this game when I get better.

Right now, I kill myself far more often than the enemies kill me!

Also, I don’t know if the first picture has anything to do with the game or not!

By Sean

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