Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

Tonight I’m back on the X1 for a game of Eggy! It has elements of Choplifter, but definitely not a clone. This is full of unique ideas to differentiate it.

You control a leggy robot who can leap and stay afloat as long as you like, but gravity pulls it down, so you have to work to keep it in the air. To leap, you first have to crouch to put some tension in those springs. On the ground, you have to watch out for other robots and the humans.

The humans are your allies, but you don’t need to save them. In fact, you need to stay away from them! If you touch them, they turn into enemy robots.

Your job in this game is to collect packages that are parachuted down from the sky. You have to do this before your fuel runs out. Easy, if you don’t get hit, but getting hit costs you fuel *and* knocks you back on the ground, where you are more vulnerable to the enemy robots. The game is not gentle about stacking up the hits and depleting your fuel rapidly!

By Sean

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