Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Tonight I tried out Woody Poco. I had been under the misconception that you played a woodpecker, but actually you play a wooden boy. It seems to be an adventure game where you can save your progress as you go. It’s a bit hard because I sometimes run into enemies that can kill me in one hit, so I’ve only explored about eight overworld screens, but the game is so far quite fun and shows a decent amount of depth.

The overworld is bright and vibrant but can turn dark and dangerous at night. At one point, shooting stars attacked me but later in the game I found some kind of cross and a helmet, so perhaps that is protecting me, or maybe the shooting stars only appear on certain screens.

From the overworld screen, so far, there are two other kinds of screens to be accessed – underground holes and buildings. You can buy, sell, give, or trade items in different locations that help you progress through the game. Many stores say they only serve women, so I am guessing you need to find someone else on your quest who complements you in your journey and you can then go back to previously inaccessible locations.

There haven’t been many kinds of enemies, but one in particular was kind of interesting – the old men. By default they are jolly and blue in color, and they only bump into you and hurt you a bit, taking a bit of your money in the process. But if you try to attack them, they turn violent and bright red, becoming incredibly powerful. They will charge at high speed and kill you. So they’re just something to put up with, it seems, not fight against, but maybe later you can get revenge.

It’s another game with 400-line graphics (640×400) and FM sound, the graphics look quite good compared to the previous game I was playing (Euphory), but the music is similarly short and repetitive.

By Sean

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