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A while back, I posted about a three-pack of FM-77 system disks that I found. I bought them, copied them, then re-copied them just in case, and then resold them. I don’t have an FM-77, but it does work on my FM77AV20EX, and that’s been just fine.

But last week, a set of system disks specifically for my model showed up. I expected them to be dreadfully expensive, but actually they were half the price of the FM-77 disks I’d bought before. I made a copy of them, and am currently using those, but I don’t think I’ll resell the disks this time. The price was not that bad, and it makes it feel like a more complete system (still need the manuals, though!).

The contents are different – there is an updated version of F-BASIC, now at 3.3 instead of 3.0. And Logo has been replaced with a system introduction/demo disk, which highlights and shows off the multimedia features of the system, as well as introduces peripherals and software available.

By Sean

2 thoughts on “FM77AV20EX System Disks”
  1. I got a FM77AV20EX myself as well. Obviously it came without the disks. I tried booting the FM77AV40SX F-BASIC (3.4 level 2.1), it loads and I see the intro screen but then starts beeping. I also tried F-BASIC 3.0 but no luck either.

    I don’t know if this machine needs its specific version of F-BASIC or I am doing something wrong (maybe those 2 toggles at the front?).

    I tried some games and those load fine, just not F-BASIC… would you share your images of the FM77AV20EX’s disks? Or help me figure out what I am doing wrong?

    BTW, through a post on PC-8801 I found that this tool SAMdisk is able to write D77 disks on Windows XP:
    It allows double stepping even.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I am sorry, but I don’t have images of these disks myself. Have you checked the FM-7 (I think) NeoKobe collection? They might have some stuff that you can try. But I wonder if something is just a bit off.

      I suppose you’ve opened up the shutters and checked not only for scratches but also the presence of dark spots (or sometimes even white spots), which indicate that mold has attacked them?

      I believe the switches both need to be in BASIC mode, that can be one potential cause of the beeping. I don’t know in great detail, but on the FM-7 it is important to have the system jumper settings right, or it will also beep at you. I can’t easily access the rear of my FM77AV20EX at the moment so I don’t recall if it has similar jumpers or if it perhaps has some software-equivalent functions that can be set.

      Are you in Japan, by any chance? I’d be happy to copy system disks for you if you can send me a blank or two.

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