FM-77AV20EX System Disks

A while back, I posted about a three-pack of FM-77 system disks that I found. I bought them, copied them, then re-copied them just in case, and then resold them. I don’t have an FM-77, but it does work on my FM-77AV20EX, and that’s been just fine.

But last week, a set of system disks specifically for my model showed up. I expected them to be dreadfully expensive, but actually they were half the price of the FM-77 disks I’d bought before. I made a copy of them, and am currently using those, but I don’t think I’ll resell the disks this time. The price was not that bad, and it makes it feel like a more complete system (still need the manuals, though!).

The contents are different – there is an updated version of F-BASIC, now at 3.3 instead of 3.0. And Logo has been replaced with a system introduction/demo disk, which highlights and shows off the multimedia features of the system, as well as introduces peripherals and software available.

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