Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

These are the disks included with my system, the Sharp X1 Turbo Z, and the Sharp X1 Turbo, which I don’t have but picked up anyway. It’s all compatible with the X1 Turbo Z, anyway.

I just love the aesthetics of the disks and the cover they came in. They are their own works of art.

In the X1 Turbo lot, there are five disks , all double density. Applications included are:
– Disk BASIC CZ-8FB02 (programming language)
– Word Power (2 disks, allows for Japanese commands in BASIC)
– Lexicon (I think this allows you to customize Word Power)
– Demonstration Disk (non-interactive demo highlighting system features and software)

In the X1 Turbo Z lot, there are three disks, all high density. Applications included are:
– BASIC CZ-8FB02 (programming language)
– Graphics Tool (image creation/manipulation package, fairly feature-rich for the time)
– FM Music Synthesizer (allows people with the talent [not me] to create music)

By Sean

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