Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

I went to load a game on my Sharp X1 Turbo Z, but I was greeted by this horse:

The kanji character in yellow and red means “prohibited”, and it doesn’t allow me to continue from this screen, so I think it’s probably an anti-piracy mechanism.

I’ve named her Uma, the Copy-Protection horse, and I’ve grown kind of fond of her, but unfortunately I can’t remember which game caused her to appear.

By Sean

4 thoughts on “Anti-piracy Appeal”
    1. Of course, he jumps to mind. But I drew a parallel between Uma the Copy-Protection horse and Petey Sexual Harassment Panda!

      By the way, your link was very high quality! Much nicer-looking than what we used to watch on the XBox. The creators must have released the master footage to the public.

  1. I think that it is Kitahei(棋太平).
    The picture of the horse looks like the game.
    It is a game of Shougi(japanese chess).

    1. Oh wow! Thank you for the information, you are absolutely right! I did a Google Images search for 棋太平 and found images of the original title screen and the incorrectly cracked title screen (this image) and the differences are pretty comical. Thanks again!

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