Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Story of Prince Binbin. Binbin has a couple of translations, neither of which especially make sense in context of the game so far, so you can figure out the title however you want.

This seems like a good Dragon Quest-style RPG, though. It has all the typical elements of a solid RPG, from (slightly) customizable stats that grow as your character levels up, upgradeable equipment, and an open world with a good assortment of fantasy creatures.

I haven’t progressed a whole lot yet, but here is a quick look at the game so far. You start out in this castle, but the king and queen won’t talk to you until you finish their quest, saving the princess. If you leave the castle, you can’t get back in, which led to me restarting the game. There’s a person who gives you 100 credits and, at least on my first attempt, the game proved very difficult without them!

Once you leave the castle, you may want to save at the Save Store, but a word of caution: you can only save one game. This means if you start a new character, your old character will be erased!

One thing a bit brutal about the game is that you will meet enemies above your level even very near the opening area. You can often run away from them, but one hit from a strong enemy can leave you in a bad way.

The characters are quite varied and often have interesting names and designs. There is a kidney bean (it’s not a slime!) and a pile of dookie, but my personal favorite is the rock-bird-snake, which I feel bears a strong resemblance to Uma.

The nearest town is not far at all, but it took me quite a long time to get there, because I went every wrong direction first, dying multiple times in the process. Protip: someone in the castle tells you which way to go.

The town has the kinds of things you might expect in an RPG of this nature: townsfolk with helpful advice, townsfolk who waste your time, a place to sleep, a place to buy equipment and that sort of thing.

The game uses quite a bit of humor. For example, one enemy – Middle-aged Reggae Man – has an attack where he rubs his body against you. It doesn’t do any damage, but it apparently smells bad. The weapons and armor vendor in the first town starts off by trying to sell you souvenirs from the Philippines, until he remembers that was his old job. And, well, the big pile of dookie.

Eventually you die, and this guy brings you back to life. This is really strange because sometimes he is the one that kills you (either him or his blue twin brother).

Unfortunately, before I knew what would happen, I started a new character so I could get a picture of the castle, and when I did, I lost my progress so far. But I am anxious to try again!

By Sean

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